Friday, 17 September 2010

Dark Frequency Show 4 Set List

The set list for the forth edition of Dark Frequency is as follows:

Suicide-- Ghost Rider
13 Candles-- Alien
Throbbing Gristle-- Something Came Over Me
Duran Duran-- Girls On Film
Rozz Williams-- Who's In Charge Here?
Christian Death-- Spiritual Cramp
Bauhaus-- Endless Summer of The Damned
Sisters of Mercy--1969
Loop-- Collision
Daniel Ash-- Ghost Writer
Pretentious, Moi?-- Living Dead and Undecided
Legion-- Queen of Hearts
London After Midnight-- Feeling Fascist
69 Eyes-- Stigmata

Dark Frequency Show 3 Set List

Here is the set list for the third edition of Dark Frequency:

Half Man Half Biscuit-- Mr. Cave's A Window Cleaner Now
Vendemmian-- Don't Fall
Penis Flytrap-- Cemetary Girl
The Pop Group-- She Is Beyond Good and Evil
Diamanda Galas-- Do You Take This Man?
Midnight Configuration-- Sinister Sinister
Psychic TV-- We Kiss
Bauhaus-- Ziggy Stardust
The Cult-- Nirvana
Corrision-- Mondrian Face
Fields of The Nephilim-- Laura
Japan-- The Experience of Swimming
John Merrick's Remains-- The Haunting
Terminal Power Company-- Splinterpsyche
Grinderman-- Get It On

Dark Frequency Show 2 Set List

Here is the set list for the second edition of Dark Frequency:

Vendemmian-- Talk Talk
Merry Thoughts-- Pale Empress
Einsturzende Neubaten-- Tanz Debil
Gallon Drunk-- Some Fool's Mess
Bauhaus-- Spirit
Depeche Mode-- Never Let Me Down (Aggro Mix)
The Marionettes-- Ave Dementia
Suspiria-- Night Time
Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction-- Prime Mover
These Crimson Dreams-- Berlin
Sisters of Mercy--1969
Sex Pistols--God Save The Queen
Every New Dead Ghost-- Obvious
The Saints-- Perfect Day

Dark Frequency Show 1 Set List

Here is the set list fot the first edition of Dark Frequency:

Nosferatu--Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Soulscape-- You Are My Disease
Siouxsie and The Banshees-- Hong Kong Garden
Tender Trap-- Girls With Guns
David E. Williams-- The Ballad of Bob Crane 
Under Neath What-- Straight Ahead Money (Peace Out) 
Bauhaus-- Double Dare
Killing Joke-- Eighties
London After Midnight-- Kiss Me 
Fields of The Nephilim--Submission (Deeper Deeper Dub)
Every New Dead Ghost-- Miranda
Psychic TV-- Godstar
Current 93-- All The Pretty Little Horses
All Living Fear-- Twenty-nine Point Nine
Misfits-- Where Eagles Dare